Thumbs Up!

"I have been a professional skating coach and instructor for the past 23 years and have worked with skaters of all ages and abilities. For all those years, I have been approached by parents and students asking if I could suggest a solution for stinky skates and equipment. Now after having used the Odor Check product personally, I would strongly recommend them to everyone because they are easy to use and they work!”
— Barry Karn
Karn Skating Dynamics 
Bloomington, MN 
Skating Coach for the St. Louis Blues and Calgary Flames.

 "The Odor Check inserts really work! My son suffers from Hyperhidrosis and his feet sweat no matter what the activity. Since using the Odor Check inserts we are no longer dealing with "wet" and "stinky" shoes nor a smelly gym bag. They are awesome! Thank you, Odor Checks are the best!"

— Linda Kloos
Basketball Mom
Chaska, MN

 "I own a pair of Odor Checks. They are very "cool" because they take the odor away for good and it doesn't just cover the smell up for a few hours like other products that I have tried. After seeing a demonstration of how absorbent this product was, I had to try them. I had a pair of shoes that were completely submerged in water, I put the Odor Check inserts in them and by the next morning, my leather shoes were completely dry. I would fully recommend this product to everyone who owns a pair of shoes, skates, boots, or smelly athletic bags."

— Brandon Seiffert
Basketball player
Chaska, MN

 "I had been turkey hunting on the day this product came to me in the mail. I had my Rocky snake boots on and they were wet inside, from walking in the woods. I put the inserts into my boots overnight, they were dry the next morning and no odor. I would buy and recommend this product. They worked as advertised for me."

— Thomas Smith