Alien Technology?

Best Odor Removal and Shoe Drying Available

Once the patent pending Odor Check® insert is exposed to the odor and moisture saturated environment of a shoe, skate, boot, protective equipment or gear bag interior, moisture is drawn to the insert by the wicking nature of carbon activated fabric, trapping the odor vapor given off by perspiration. Moisture passing through the fabric shell is then absorbed by the super absorbent desiccant fill, drawing the sweat and odor-causing bacteria into its porous core, locking it inside.

Alien Technology

Odor Check® inserts will dry out most shoes, skates, boots, gym bags and equipment in as little as 2-3 hours, but for maximum effectiveness let it work overnight or between games and practices. With regular use, OdorCheck® inserts help keep your gear fresh between uses, reduce moisture that cause skin irritations, and extend the life of your equipment. Odor Check® can even be used to extract odor out of small enclosed spaces like lockers, closets, and even your vehicle!