Odor Check® featured in PGA Tour Partners Magazine

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Odor Check® featured in PGA Tour Partners Magazine

The Odor Check® footwear inserts have broken new ground in yet another prominent sports category after being featured in the February 2009 issue of the PGA TOUR Partners magazine. This past summer over 200 members PGA TOUR Partners magazine of the PGA  TOUR Partners Club participated in a comprehensive golf field test that put the Odor Check® inserts to the test. Participants tested the inserts in all kinds of conditions... hot  humid, early morning dew, rain and tournaments and found the Odor Check® footwear inserts to be exceptionally effective in keeping their golf shoes dry and odor free. The field test group gave the Odor Check® inserts an overall member rating of 8.1 out of a possible 10, sighting its best product feature being its ease of use.

This outstanding endorsement further proves the effectiveness of the Odor Check combination of technologies in addition to paving the way for continued market expansion. Distribution into golf retailers and private label partnerships with prominent golf brands are currently in the works and should prove to be a valuable market segment for the Odor Check brand.

Here are a few testimonials that accompanied our test results from the PGA TOUR Partners Club Members:PGA Partners Club

Dave Blosser
"I used this product on my oldest pair of golf shoes. To my surprise, all of the old musty smell was removed from the shoes and they did not have that "old shoe smell" any longer. I was very surprised and pleased." PGA Partners Club Member Tested Seal of Approval

Mark Depenbrock
"With the ease of use I simply take the Odor Check® insert out of my golf shoes and slip them into the shoes I wear to the course and visa versa after the round keeping that fresh smell playing partners appreciate."

Lynn Kinzey
"They're easy to use and they do what they are intended to do. Eliminate odors and moisture."

Rich Christensen
"I would recommend this product very highly. I have just completed a 4 day tournament in hot, humid weather and each day my shoes were dry and had a pleasant smell."

Larry May
"The Odor Check® inserts worked as advertised. They eliminated any moisture and odor and were easily inserted into the shoes."

Mark Hordan
"I think that this product is outstanding in its performance for eliminating moisture and odor from all footwear. As a user of this product I would absolutely recommend this to all golfers that I know."

Gene Sanford
"This product really works. I've used it both on my golf and street shoes and it dry out both type of shoes. I intend to purchase several pairs of these Odor Check® Footwear Inserts for all my shoes."

Durwood Davenport

"My shoes smell, what more can I say. My wife has complained for years about this. With the use of these the order is gone. I use them in my golf shoes and my regular shoes and I love them."X

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