Odor Check® Field Tested in North American Hunter

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Odor Check® Field Tested in North American Hunter

The Odor Check® Footwear Dryer and Odor Eliminator has been recently featured in a  prominent national hunting The Odor Check® was field tested by the North American  Hunter Magazine publication, North American Hunter (October 2008) magazine. This publication conducted trials with their field test members who put the Odor Check® product to the test in a variety of conditions and environments as documented in the testimonials that were submitted by each of the participants. The Odor Check® Footwear inserts received outstanding scores on performance, ease of use, durability and value with a majority of the field test members indicating that they would recommend them to fellow hunters & sportsmen.

The following are testimonials from that field test:NAHC

"I have just gone on a week long Turkey hunting trip in Georgia and it was hot. I did a lot of walking and my feet sweated a lot. I put them in my boots every night and they were dry and odor free the next day. They did a very good job keeping them dry and odor free."

Steve Johnson
"I put them in my son's basketball shoes which represents a better test than my hunting boots, believe me! They eliminated all the odor in less than 12 hours each time they were inserted into his shoes."

Thomas Smith
"I had been turkey hunting on the day this product came to me in the mail. I had my Rocky snake boots on and they were wet inside, from walking in the woods. I put the inserts into my boots overnight, they were dry the next morning and no odor. I would buy and recommend this product. They worked as advertised for me." North American Hunting Club Seal of Approval

Shane Birch
"These inserts work! I have been doing a smell test before I insert them and then after I take them out the next morning and the difference is amazing. I went from a gawd awful smell to absolutely no smell! I would wholeheartedly recommend this product."

Jeremy DeJesus
"This product works not only with your footwear, but works great with hunting clothing as well. Just put your clothing in a sealable bag or container and drop in the oder eaters. Works great!"

Michael Giao
"I recommend this product because it performed as advertised. It kept my boots odor free during the entire Spring Bear season here in Montana."

Brian K. Mullen
"I farm and am on my feet a lot. My feet sweat and this product works great. My work shoes are dry and odor free after leaving them in over night. They work just as good in my hunting boots. They are so easy to use."

Richard Buckley
"It's the only product I've seen to take away odor and moisture without electicity! Great for camping."


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